Available liquid
Chemicals, Water, Urea water


GN-PP20-i / GN-PP25-i

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 Looks of GN-PP20-i / GN-PP25-i

Product Information

《Nozzle series》
GN-PP20-i, GN-PP25-i (For Chemicals, Water, Urea water)

・When the container is full, nozzles stops automatically.

Specifications Table

GN-PP20-i GN-PP25-i
Available liquid Chemicals ※, Water, Urea water
Maximum working pressure (Mpa) 0.15
Joint type Swivel (With cap and chain)
Inlet size Rc3/4 Rc1
Suggested hose inner dia. 20A 25A
Discharge pipe outer dia.(mm) 28
 Material  Body PTFE/PP/SUS
 Packing FKM
Weight (kg) 0.4

※Do not use chemicals that dissolve the materials of products.
Please be sure to check compatibilities between liquid and materials before use.