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Welcome to AQUASYSTEM’s website!

Our ISO-certified company is a manufacturer of various types of drum and pail can pumps, and vacuum cleaners. AQUASYSTEM’s devices can be used to collect and deliver oils, solvents, gasoline, kerosene, chemicals, sanitary liquids, and, as far as our vacuum cleaners are concerned, sludge, waste oil, sewage, dust, metal chips and a variety of contaminated liquids.

Three main characteristics of our products:

No risk caused by electricity

Explosion proofOur pneutmatic (air-operated) pumps do not require electric power – only compressed air is needed for operation. This makes them safe to use even at hazardous areas. Devices dedicated for gasoline or kerosene transfer are additionally equipped with a ground wire for protection against static electricity.

Extremely low malfunction rate

Wing PumpOur high quality equipment has been designed for heavy duty use, long life and very low break-down rate. It is not easy to break something that use no moving parts inside! Simple structure, proper materials and know-how put into practice – Our products proudly represent the spirit of Japanese quality.

Outstandingly efficiency

Outstandingly efficientWe believe that efficiency is as important as safety. In the industrial environment, where time is money, there is no place for devices which do not contribute for better efficiency. Our pumps and cleaners are the value for money – they are powerful enough to significantly boost the comfort, efficiency and easiness of everyday pumping and cleaning-related tasks.

Our company continues to develop new solution for industrial liquid management and offer you top quality products.