AQUASYSTEM offers a variety of pumping equipment, mostly for drum cans (barrels) and pail cans. Among the regular products, we have special series of unique devices and solutions for factories and the industry. These include highly efficient drum pumps and industrial vacuum cleaners, which face to risk caused by electricity.

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Information for customers outside of Japan

Dear Customer! AQUASYSTEM cooperates with various ditributors and wholesalers. To purchase our product, send an inquiry to – we will provide you with contact details to the nearest distributor, who will quote you the items of your interest.

At the same time, we are still recruiting new distributors outside of Japan. If you would like to obtain our products at your favourite provider, or if you would like to distribute our products, please send us a message.

Vacuum Cleaners

Pail Pumps Options

Vacuum Pumps

Pail Pumps Options

Pail Pumps

Pail Pumps Options

Air Driven Pumps

Recommendable for Continuous Operation

Hand Rotary Pumps

HR-2B EX / R-25G EX / HF-1000 EX / HRD-25SUS EX

Electric Handy Pumps

For Kerosene, Diesel.

Manual Pumps

Hand Diaphragm Pumps / Semi-Rotary Wing Pumps


Recomendable for Cleaning of Parking Areas, Parks And Factory (Collection of Fallen Leaves, Pet Bottles, Bin's And Cutting Chips.)

Pushing Sweeper

Friendly Product for Environment Pushing Cleaner Eco Sweeper for collection of Casting Metal Iron up to Pet Bottles.