TB-K24 series

Recommendable for Measuring The Volume of Discharged Liquid

flow meter flow meter
For Kerosene and Diesel
For Urea-water and water

Specifications Table

Model TB-K24-FM TB-K24-Ad
Weighing method Turbine
Acceptable liquid Kerosene, Diesel (Oil) Urea-water, water
Flow range (L/min)  6~120
Max. operating pressure (Mpa)  2
Connection  G1 male・G1 female Both ends G1 male(1 G1 socket comes with)
最大目盛表示 (L)  積算  5桁(0.01~99999)
 トータル精算  6桁(0.1~999999)
Accuracy  ±1%(Repeat accuracy ±0.2)
 Material Body  AL/Iron/SUS/EPFE/PTFE  PP/SUS
Packing  NBR
Weight (kg)  0.4  0.3