Ad-3 series

Available liquid
Urea water

Ad-3 series

Ad-3-i (Dry cell)

Ad-3 series Ad-3 series
Ad-3-100-i (100V)  Example of how to use

Product Information

《Ad-3 series》
Ad-3-i, Ad-3-100-i  (For Urea water)

Specifications Table

Ad-3-i Ad-3-100-i
Available container BIB
Available liquid Urea water
Driving source Dry cell (D size×2pcs) 100V
Discharge quantity (1cP L/min) 5 9
Maximum lifting height (m) 1.5
Accessory  Nozzle
Material of hose  NBR
 Hose (Inner dia. × length) Φ15×2.5m
Power cord (m)  –  4
 Material Pump/Nozzle HDPE/PP/SUS
 Packing NBR
Weight (kg) 0.4