Worked by
Compressed Air
Acceptable viscosity
Up to 3000 cP
Compressor with
5HP or higher


Industrial wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner for pail cans [AVC-550SUS-i]


  • Standard
  • For SUS Can only

AVC550 Features



Industrial wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner for pail cans (for collecting cutting liquid, sludge and even cutting chips!)


Model AVC-550SUS-i is suitable for collecting fluids, water, dust and small metal parts. Outstandingly easy to use. Equipped with

PVC hose. Provided with a narrow nozzle, oil stopper and two filters.

Stainless can(SUS can) is needed, and sold separately.(option)



Powerful suction! Explosion proof!


  • Use it with a 5 HP compressor to unleash the cleaner’s maximum potential.
  • Copes with fluids of viscosity up to 3000 cP!
  • Cutting liquid from oil pans, cutting chips, sludge, drainage… no problem!
  • Energy-efficient and easy to clean.
  • No worries about fluid overflow – oil stopper inluded.
  • The cleaner does not utilize electricity and can be used safely in hazardous areas.
  • Safer and cheaper than a regular, electric vacuum cleaner (in the same class).
  • Stainless can(SUS can) is option.

 Outside Drawing


Specifications Table

Specifications at 5kg / ㎠ Oil-proof hose φ32 x 2m
Aluminium nozzle φ32 x 30cm
Air consumption amount 450 / min
Vacuum degree 2,000mm / H2O
Air suction amount 0.08㎥ / min
Application Oil stopper Included
Filter Option
Option Can, Carrier, “T” type nozzle, Filter set

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