HRD-25SUS series

Easy to use chemical drum pump HRD-25SUS-i with multiple functions made in Japan%e5%9b%bd%e6%97%971

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When possible, keep it simple.

We also prefer simple and efficient delivery methods, and our manual rotary drum pumps live up to that.

We have created HRD based on our innovative lubricant-free technology, which makes our rotary drum pumps an excellent choice when it comes to solvents transfer.

  • Easy to use!

Easy handing, thanks of gear’s mechanism.

  • Safe and efficient!

The discharging capacity is 220cc/one rotation.

Capable to suck full volume in a drum can within 5 min.

  • Resistant and durable!


This model is not equipped with accessories such as hose.

For hose-equipped hand rotary drum pump, please look at HRD-25SUSH-i and HRD-25SUSHM-i models.


HRD-25SUS-i : None

HRD-25SUSH-i : SUS Hose 1.2m

HRD-25SUSHM-i : SUS Hose 1.2m, Ground wire,

Valve, Adaptor for sealing.

hrd-25sus hrd-25sush hrd-25sushm

Specifications Table

Types HRD-25SUS-i HRD-25SUSH-i HRD-25SUSHM-i
Delivery ability(cc/rev) 220cc
Acceptable liquid Solvents, Chemical, Diesel, Fuel oil A, Oil
Materials Body SUS
Packing Teflon
Hose None OP. SUS304 Φ20×1.2m
Weight (kg) 7.4

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