AQUASYSTEM Co., Ltd.’s headquarters are located in the Kyo-machi district of Hikone, about 10 minutes by foot from the JR Hikone train station. The address of the office is:

1-3-1 Kyo-machi, Hikone-shi, Shiga-pref., JAPAN 522-0081
Phone: +81-749-23-9139 Fax: +81-749-28-1474

B. THE FACTORY (Pump Production Division)

The factory is located in the Sugoshi district of Hikone. To access it, you can either take a bus heading to Mitsuya and get off at the Sugoshi-kita stop, or take a taxi to the address below:

Sugoshi-cho 1190, Hikone-shi, Shiga-pref., JAPAN 522-0058
Phone: +81-749-28-1410 Fax: +81-749-28-1474