Air Presser Pump – APD series for Oil/ Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline

Worked by
Compressed air
Acceptable Viscosity
Up to 3,000 cP

APD-20 (25) -i (For Oil)

APD-20 (25)G-i APD-20 (25)N-i APD-20 (25)GN-i
APD-20 (25)G-i(For Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline) APD-20 (25)N-i (For Oil/with a nozzle) APD-20 (25)GN-i (For Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline/with a nozzle)

Product Information

《APD series》
※APD series can discharge only※
APD-20 (25) -i (For Oil)
APD-20 (25)N-i (For Oil/with a nozzle)
APD-20 (25)G-i (For Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline)
APD-20 (25)GN-i (For Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline/with a nozzle)

No need to be anxious about an electric leakage
APD series is operated by compressed air. It does not need electric driving source totally.
Therefore, APD pumps can be used in fire prohibited area and explosion proof area.
Moreover, G type, AS type and SUS type come with ground wires by standard.
Please put wires on drum cans, pillars or container what are grounded.

Hard to break down
These are hard to break down compared to electric pumps because APD series does not have a motor.

Two types of nozzles are available
Ball valve nozzle does not prevent flow channel and Gan nozzle.
In addition automatic stop nozzles (ATNH-20, ATNH-25) can be chose as an option nozzle.

Specifications Table

  APD-20-i  APD-25-i  APD-20N-i  APD-25N-i  APD-20G-i APD-25G-i APD-20GN-i  APD-25GN-i
Compressor (HP)
Container 200L closed drum can (JIS standard)
Available liquid Oil Kerosene, Light oil, Gasoline 
Available viscosity (cP) 3,000
Discharge quantity (1cP L/min.) 65 150 55 80 55 115 50 70
  Maximum lifting height (m) 2
Accessory Nozzle  Ball valve nozzle Gan nozzle Ball valve nozzle Gan nozzle
Hose   PVC hose Oil-resisting rubber hose 
Φ25×2m Φ32×2m  Φ25×2m Φ32×2m  Φ19×2m Φ25×2m Φ19×2m Φ25×2m
Air inlet  Air coupler (male)
Ground wire
Material Body/Nozzle AL/Bs/SUS/CAC
Packing NBR/FKM
Weight (kg)   4.4 5.6 4.3 5.1 6.4 8.8 6.3 8.3

Option item

MK33 TB-K24-FM-i ATNH-20-i ATNH-25-i

Flow meter


For APD-20(N)


For APD-20(G)

Flow meter


For APD-20(G)

Automatic stop nozzle
For APD-20(G)(N)
 Automatic stop nozzle
For APD-25(G)(N)

※These items are not attached by standard.
※When you assemble a flow monitor in an APD pump, you need a special adapter.
※Flow meter for oil cannot gauge over 1,000 cP liquid.
※TB-K24-FM-i is worked by dry cell batteries, so it is not used in a fire prohibited and explosion proof area.


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