Hand Rotary Pumps

HR-2B EX / R-25G EX / HF-1000 EX / HRD-25SUS EX


Worked by Manual Specifications Table Type HRB-20P-i Delivery ability (cc / rev) 240 Acceptable liquid Water, Adblue Materials Body PP, SUS Packing NBR Hose None Weight (kg) 2.0


The Pump For Drum Can.   DRUM PUMP / HAND PUMP / CHEMICAL PUMP / SOLVENT PUMP / MANUAL PUMP [S-LX-i][S-LXHS-i][S-L-i][S-LH-1-i] Industrial Chemical Hand Piston Pump  Worked by Manual Acceptable viscosity Up to 10,000 cP   Easy to use!  Safe and efficient! Resistant and durable!     Specifications Table Types S-L-i S-LH-1-i S-LX-i S-LXHS-i Delivery Ability(cc/rev) 600 600 600 600 Acceptable Liquid oil oil Solvents Solvents Materials Body Steel Steel SUS304 SUS304 Packing Nylon Nylon Teflon Teflon Hose None Oil Proof PVC (φ19×1m) None SUS(φ15×1m) Weight (kg) 1.8 2.4 1.9 3.3 Welcome to our Alibaba Shop          Maintenance Manual


The Pump For Drum Can.


The Pump For Drum Can.

HRP-25Ⅲ Series HRP-25Ⅲ-i, HRP-25ⅢH-i, HRP-25ⅢHM-i,

66Handy Pump for Drum Can. HRP-25Ⅲ-i HRP-25ⅢH-i HRP-25ⅢHM-i     Specifications Table Types HRP-25Ⅲ-i/HRP-25ⅢH-i/HRP-25ⅢHM-i Delivery ability (cc / rev) 200 Acceptable liquid Solvents, Acid and Alkaline liquids Materials Body SUS, Teflon, PPS Packing Teflon Hose None/SUS1.2m/SUS1.2m Weight (kg) 3.2/3.8/4.5 Welcome to our Alibaba Shop        Maintenance manual          


The Pump For Drum Can.