Worked by
Acceptable viscosity
Up to 3000 cP


  • For Open Can only
  • Model EVC550-i is suitable for collecting oil, dust and small metal parts. Outstandingly easy to use. Equipped with an elastic PVC hose. Provided with two type nozzle, oil stopper and filters. Utilizes open 18 liter cans in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standard.
    • The voltage is 230V.
    • Copes with fluids of viscosity up to 3000 cP!
    • Cutting liquid from oil pans, cutting chips, sludge, drainage… no problem!
    • Energy-efficient and easy to clean.
    • No worries about fluid overflow – oil stopper inluded.

EVC550 Features



Specifications Table

Output (W) 1,050
Current (A) 10
Vacuum degree (Mpa) 0.21
Noize (db) 80 (No load,  1m height)
Hose size Φ32 × 2m
Electoric cord 5m (with earth grip)
Weight (kg) 9.3
Option Can, Carrier, “T” type nozzle, Filter set

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