DF-EX series (For Drum Can)

The Pump For Drum Can.

Worked by
Compressed Air
Acceptable viscosity
1000-4000 cP
Discharging capacity
30-55L /min.


  • The biggest difference from other pumps is that this pump can accept most of foreign materials, as well as high viscosity liquid.
  • Suction Type

Specifications Table

Acceptable liquid General oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosine Solvent General oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosine Solvent
Max viscosity (cP) 4000 1000 4000 1000
Max delivery rate at 1cP 30L / min 30L / min 55L / min 55L / min
Discharge Head (m) 40
Materials Body / Nozzle AL
Diaphragm Hytrel Teflon Heytrel Teflon
Packing Teflon, Fluoro-rubber Teflon Teflon, Fluoro-rubber Teflon
Hose Oil resistant rubber(D20x2m) SUS304 (D20x2m) Oil resistant rubber(D20x2m) SUS304 (D20x2m)
Air consumption 250 NL / min
Weight (kg) 7.5 6.1 8.5 7.1
Option Drum can