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Hand Diaphragm Pumps
for Emergency


HDO-32ALB-i / HDO-40ALB-i

HDO-32/40ALB-i HDO-32/40ALB-i
 Flange: screw type
HDO-32ALB-i: Rc1″1/4
HDO-40ALB-i: Rc1″1/2

Product Information

《HDO series》
HDO-32ALB-i,  HDO-40ALB-i (For Water, Kerosene, Light oil and Oil)
Flange type: screw type

・Handle position is rotatable
・It is made from aluminum
・Easy to take apart and assemble

《Examples of how to use》
Use as an emergency pump

HDO1-20P-i HDO1-20P-i HDO1-20P-i
It can lift fluid to maximum 7m height. Delivery water for toilet or tanks without electricity.

Specifications Table

Available liquid Water, Kerosene, Light oil, Oil
Available viscosity (cP) 5,000
Discharge quantity (cc/stroke) 1,300
Maximum suction height (m) 5
Maximum lifting height (m) 7
Flange  Nipple type 
Screw type   Rc1″1/4  Rc1″1/2
Coupler type 
 Material  Body AL
 Packing NBR (With reinforced fabric in it)
Weight (kg) 3.9