APDQ1-25-i series

The  Air Pump For Drum Can.

Worked by
Compressed Air
Acceptable viscosity
Up to 3000 cP
Compressor with
1HP or higher




There is no better choice! This pump can collect:

  • Machine cutting fluids
  • Machine oil (for example when changing the oil)
  • Drainage fluids, sludge
  • Vehicle oil
  • Paint booth’s wastes
  • Any other contaminated fluid

If you are willing to transfer kerosene, diesel oil or gasoline, please choose APDQ1-25G-i model.

For pump capable of transferring solvents (and other specific chemicals),

please choose APDQ1-25AS-i model.

Liquid suction/collection mechanism:

  • The air (0.4~0.6 Mpa) is let through a coupler connected to a compressor.
  • Instead of entering the tank, the air leaves the system through the ejector.
  • Negative pressure occurs in the ejector, the air is sucked out of the tank.
  • The fluid is being sucked through the nozzle.
  • The fluid fills the tank full. A float ball blocks the outlet. Suction stops.



Specifications Table

Types APDQ1-25-i APDQ1-25G-i APDQ1-25AS-i
Function Suction Suction Suction
Acceptable General oil Diesel Gasoline, Kerosine Solvent
Partsmaterials Body AL AL AL
Packing NBR NBR Teflon, Fluoro-rubber
Hose PVC (D32x2m) Oil resistant rubber (D25x2m) SUS304 (D25x2m)
Maxdeliveryrate (L/min) 1cP 80 50 50
Discharge Head Max 2m Max 2m Max 2m
 Weight (kg) 3.3 4.4 4.0


Drum can

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