J-F series

Useful Cleaning Tools. For Machinery & Factories   Model: J-FS-i

QQ图片20170418153410No need to stop operation, even during cleaning time.


To make work more convenient.


Shorter cleaning  time & Less cleaning cost help
Efficient use of your working time and money.
  • Circulation Type. Simple and clean operation.
  • Easy to dispose the filtered sludge.  Just open the upper cover to take the filter out.
  • The filter can be repeatedly used, because of stainless made filter.
  • You can make sure of the collected chips through the transparent tank.
  • Stepless adjustment is possible with needle-valve.
  • The regulator is included in a cleaner, which controls to supply air volume.
  • Convenient Accessory Case in included, placed beside the tank.
  • Various things such as cleaning tools, screws and bolts etc. can be tentatively kept.
  • Easy to move by four casters.


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