J-F series

Available liquid
Soluble cutting fluid


J-FF-i (Non-woven fabric filter type)

J-FF-i J-FF-i J-FF-i
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Product Information

《J-F series》
J-FF-i (Non-woven fabric filter type)

・No need electric power
・Can be reusable cutting fluid
・Ideal for operation in narrow space

When you operate cutting machines, you may have some troubles. For instance, troublesome cleaning and stinky smell. Also you may have some demands. Such as reducing the cost by reusing cutting fluid, improving processing accuracy.
J-F series are sure to be solutions of your troubles as above.

《Way to Filtration》


1. Insert compressed air (0.4~0.6Mpa)
2. Turn on the valve
3. Suction cutting fluid from a tank and collect sludge
4. Cleaned fluid are went back to the tank


J-F series

  J-FS-i J-FF-i J-FB♯1-i J-FB♯2-i
Available liquid Soluble cutting fluid
 Available viscosity (cP) 500
  Air consumption (inhalation) (L/min) 230
 Maximum lifting height (m) 4
 Maximum discharge amount (1cP:L/min) 60
Maximum inhalation amount (L/min)
Air hose dia. Φ6.5
 Maximum inhalation amount (L/min)
Air hose dia. Φ12
 Accessory Filter  SUS 40mesh  Non-woven fabric filter (2sheets)
equivalent to 400mesh
Bag filter (3sheets)
equivalent to 100mesh
 Bag filter (3sheets)
equivalent to 200mesh
Nozzle Pipe nozzle
Discharge hose Reinforced PVC hose (Φ25×3m)
 Suction hose  PVC hose (Φ32×1.5m)
Air connection Coupler (Male)
Wetted part material Body/Nozzle AL/Acrylic
Packing ABS resin/NBR
Weight (kg)  36.3 37.0
Filter Filter Filter
J-FF-i (Non-woven fabric filter)  J-FS-i (SUS mesh filter) J-FB-i (Bag filter)


circulation type filter cleaner flyer 循環式タンク清掃ろ過クリーナーチラシ
Circulation Type Filter Cleaner (English) Circulation Type Filter Cleaner(Japanese)
Bag filter for J-F and APDQOF
Bag filter for J-F and APDQOF (English)