Vacuum Pumps

APPQO-i series

Air Type Vacuum Pump For Pail Can.

APPQO-H-i series

The Pump For Pail Can.

APPQ-i Series

    Easy to use and Reliable vacum pump APPQ-i series for industrial use , acessories also available   OIL PUMP / VACUUM PUMP / PAIL PUMP / VACUUM PUMP Air  Vacuum Pump for closed pail cans (for collecting liquids)   APPQ-i APPQG-i APPQAS-i                              Closed Pail Can is required to use APPQ-i series.  Closed Pail Can is not included.     Model: APPQ-i, APPQG-i, APPQAS-i. Uses typical closed  pail cans.  Oil stopper(float ball) is included – no worries about fluid overflow! The closed pail cans (NOT included) used with this pump are in accordance with Japanese […]

APP-CEX series

The Pump For Pail Can.

Pail Pumps Options