Air Piston Drum Pump PST-20G/SUS-i


Drum Piston Pump worked by compressed air.

Model: PST-20G-i  PST-20SUS-i



PST-20G-i: Used for transfer oil.

    PST-20SUS-i: Used for transfer solvent

Max.Discharge Head: 50m!

1.2MPa, 12.4bar (180 psi) Maximum Air Input Pressure.

1.2Mpa, 12.4bar (180 psi) Maximum Air Input Pressure.

The features:

1, To discharge high viscosity fluids.

(Up to 20,000cP. Equivalent to ISO#1000.)

2, No need electric due to air driven operation.

An air piston pump is a non-electrical device which means the possibility of explosion

from flammables or combustibles is reduced.

3, Max.Discharge Head: 50m!


Technical Data:

 Recommended air operating range  0.3-1.2 MPa (3-12 bar)
 Air consumption By delivery rate; 4L/min and air supply pressure: 0.5MPa (5 bar),approx. 50L/min.
 Maximum recommended pump speed,delivery rate and liquid viscosity.  100 cycles/min, 15L/min, 20,000cP
 Air inlet size PT 1/4
 Liquid inlet size NPT 1-1/2
Liquid outlet size NPT 3/4
Maximum operating temperature 50℃
Sound pressure level At 100 psi (0.7MPa, 7bar): 72dbAt 65 psi (0.45 MPa, 4.5 bar): 70db
Sound power level At 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7bar):82 dBAt 65 psi (0.45 MPa, 4.5 bar): 81db
Weight  Stubby Pump: 11lbs (5kg)Drum Pump: 20lbs (9kg)
Wetted parts For PST-20G-i modelCarbon steel, SUS303,304,316, leather, cadmium-plated ductile iron, Teflon, Viton
For PST-20SUS-i modelSUS303,304,316, Teflon, Viton
  PST-20G-i PST-20SUS-i
Acceptable oil solvent, Acid and Alikaline liquids
Hose Included. Oil resistant rubber hose φ20*2m Included. SUS304 φ20*2m
Compressor Higher than 3HP
Nozzle Ball Valve Type Nozzle
Delivery 15L/min
Weight 9.4kg 9.4kg